8h Salsa Musicality Freak Bootcamps

Join me on my Salsa Musicality Freak Bootcamps, where I will take you on a journey to the next level of your musicality. Held in various cities, with different partners, these bootcamps are an intense 8-hour experience that will cover a wide range of topics including shines, body movement, body percussion, instrument playing, musicality in partnering and much more. Whether you’re a dancer, a musician, or simply curious about musicality in salsa, these bootcamps are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in this field. To make the most of your experience, I recommend booking your trip to the cities where the bootcamps are held, so you can also enjoy the evening socials and sleep at a nearby accommodation. Come join us for a fun and informative experience that will take your salsa musicality to the next level!

Pictures from the last editions

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