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With over 25 years of experience in the world of salsa dance and music, I have had the privilege of performing and teaching both nationally and internationally with various dance groups. My specialties include salsa dance and music, marketing, and choreography. Throughout the years, I’ve taken on various roles such as dancer, musician, moderator, juror and animator. If you wish to know more about my background and experience, I would be happy to send you an extended bio.

🔷 dance schools:

    • Germany
      • Salsa Company Dance Studio, Stuttgart, Böblingen, Ludwigsburg, Heilbronn and Würzburg
      • Salsamás dance school, Munich
      • Lacalidad dance school, Frankfurt
      • ADTV dance school Dance + Music, Reutlingen
      • Dance school Son Latino, Karlsruhe
      • Animo dance school, Mannheim
      • Association TAF Germany
      • Dance school U-Dance, Hanover
      • Dance school Salsa del Alma, Hanover
      • Caribbean Dance dance school, Hanover
      • Tanzunion, Hanover
      • Tango Werkstatt Hanover
      • Tanzfluss dance school, Bremen
      • La Milonga dance school, Junior Carvalho, Bremen
      • ADTV dance school Uschi Braun, Stadthagen
      • ADTV dance school Bothe, Hanover
      • ADTV Dance School Cancer, Göttingen
      • ADTV dance school Steinbergen, Rinteln
      • ADTV Tanzschule Ring 3, Hamburg
      • Dance club “Blau-Gold” at the Maschsee, Hanover
      • ADTV dance school Wiesrecker, Peine
      • ADTV dance school Schermeier, Bremen
      • ADTV Pattke Dance School, Alfeld
      • ADTV dance school Rynkar, Göttingen
      • ADTV Kolbenstetter dance school, Cuxhaven
      • ADTV dance school Janzen, Holzminden
      • ADTV dance school Let´s Dance, Bielefeld
      • CreaDance
      • Dance school Weissbergen, Stadthagen
    • Russia
      • Salsa Mira dance school, Novosibirsk
      • Dance school May 25, St. Petersburg
      • Respublika dance school, Rostov
    • Brazil
      • Ritmo y Sabor dance school, Brasília
      • Dance school Alex Gomes, Brasília
      • Marcelo Amorim dance school, Brasília

🔷 bands

  • Latin Band Latin Spirit, Stuttgart
  • Latin Band Ritmo del Barrio, Stuttgart
  • Salsa Orchestra Eldorado Groove Orchestra, Hanover
  • Salsa Orchestra LaBiba, Hanover
  • Salsaband Havanna, Hanover
  • Klazz Brothers
  • Cuba Nova
  • Hannover Big Band

🔷 Daycare centers:

  • Kolping Kita Stuttgart (currently here as an apprentice to a state-recognized educator)
  • Kindergarten Mozartstraße Deckenpfronn

🔷 Schools

  • St. Ursula School, Hanover

🔷 Technical schools:

  • Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik Kolping Stuttgart (currently here as an apprentice to a state-recognized educator)

🔷 partner clubs

  • La Pachanga, Stuttgart
  • K2Acht, Heilbronn
  • Club Charanga, Wuerzburg
  • Myemy, Stuttgart
  • Aloft, Stuttgart
  • 7 Grad, Stuttgart
  • Caribenho Casa Latina, Brasília, Brazil
  • Puerto Rico (formerly Mambo Club) Hanover

🔷 Public institutions and projects

  • Hanover Community Foundation, Germany
  • Youth House, Hanover
  • BAF – Association for educational measures in the work and leisure area, Hanover
  • Projeto Afroreggae – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • NDR Hannover
  • ZDF Mannheim
  • SWR Baden-Baden
  • Tolstoi e.V. Hanover

🔷 Festivals and championships (participants, lawyers, instructors, show dancers, dance trips)

  • Bailando Milano Congress – Milan, Italy
  • New Generation Congress – Milan, Italy
  • Uni Salsa Camp Regensburg
  • Salsafestival Bodensee, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • Croatian Summer Salsa Festival – Rovinj, Croatia
  • Rostov for fun Fest – Rostov, Russia
  • New York Fest – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Festival of Musicality – Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Paris International Salsa Congress – France
  • Bachata Festival Stuttgart
  • Latin Festival Ludwigsburg
  • Latin Fusion Festival Darmstadt
  • Kizomba Festival Stuttgart
  • Sensual (Bachata & Kizomba) Festival Munich
  • Festival de Cuba Stuttgart
  • Festival de Cuba Berlin
  • Lady & Men Salsa Festival Stuttgart
  • Salsa Festival Zurich
  • Salsafestival Hamburg
  • Cologne Salsa Congress
  • Berlin Salsa Congress
  • Encontro das Estrelas, Uberlandia, Brazil
  • Bachata Festival Berlin
  • Winter Salsa Gala, Hamburg
  • Twente Salsa Festival, Holland
  • Salsa Midsommar, Solingen
  • Salsa Congress Ulm
  • Salsa Gala Berlin
  • Salsa Congress Bielefeld
  • Salsa Jam Wuppertal
  • Düsseldorf dance days
  • Summer Salsa Berlin
  • Münster Salsa Congress
  • Karlsruhe Salsa Congress
  • Frankfurt Salsa Congress
  • Munich Salsa Congress

🔷 Other projects

  • SWR broadcast “Tell the Truth” as a swindler
  • Cruises
    • MS Columbus
      • from Walvis Bay (Namíbia) via Buenos Aires to Valparaíso, in Chile;
      • from Tenerife, via Venezuela to Mexico;
    • Afroreggae
      • Project “Tribute to Afroreggae” in the Haus der Jugend in Hanover. Objectives: Teaching music and dance to children, teenagers and police officers. The project was funded and supported by the Haus der Jugend Hannover, TUI Stiftung, Schauspielhaus Hannover, Bürgerstiftung Hannover, Ministry of Culture, BAF (educational measures in the work and leisure area Hannover) and Zirkus Salto;
      • Trip to Rio de Janeiro to get to know the “Afroreggae” project and bring inspiration to Germany

🔷 Championships

  • German Championships in Salsa 2019 in Hanover as Juri
  • Campeonato de Pasos Libres “La Negra”, Orpesa del Mar, Spain
  • German championship in Salsa, Essen
  • Rueda championship in Essen
  • International Dance Masters, Mannheim
  • European Championship and World Cup in Salsa in Bietigheim-Bissingen
  • SalsaCup from INFA Hannover
  • German championship in Salsa, Hanover
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