150 Years from Now

In a span of 150 years from now, none of us who are reading this publication today will be alive. Up to 100 percent of everything we are currently fighting for will be entirely forgotten. Let’s emphasize that word, ENTIRELY.

If we look back in history 150 years before us, it would be the year 1872, and none of those who lived during that time are alive today. Most of us reading this would struggle to imagine the faces of people from that era.

Take a moment and imagine how some of them betrayed their relatives, selling them as slaves for a piece of mirror. Some killed family members for a patch of land, yams, cows, or even a pinch of salt. Where are the yams, cows, mirrors, or salt they used to boast about? It might seem amusing to us now, but it shows how foolish we humans can be, especially when it comes to money, power, or trying to be relevant!

Even if you argue that the age of the internet will preserve our memory, consider the example of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson died in 2009, just 13 years ago. Think about the influence he had all over the world when he was alive. How many young people today remember him with awe or even know who he was? In the next 150 years, his name, when mentioned, will not ring a bell for many.

Let us take life easy; no one will leave this world alive. The land you are fighting for and ready to kill for, someone else left that land, and that person is now dead, decayed, and forgotten. That will also be your fate. In the next 150 years, none of the vehicles or phones we use today to boast will be relevant. Biko, take life easy!

Let love lead. Let us genuinely be happy for each other. No malice, no backstabbing. No jealousy. No comparisons. Life is not a competition. At the end of the day, we will all transition to the other side. It’s just a matter of who gets there first, but surely, we will all get there one day.


The passage above serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life and the transient nature of our achievements and possessions. It encourages us to approach life with humility, love, and compassion, focusing on the things that truly matter – our connections with others and the impact we leave on the world. In the grand scheme of things, the material possessions we hold dear and the achievements we strive for will fade away with time. Therefore, let us cherish the present, savor every moment, and strive to create a positive legacy that transcends the limitations of time.

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